Learn filmmaking essentials from Kunle Afolayan

Widely considered one of Africa’s most talented storytellers, Kunle Afolayan has made his mark on African cinema with some important movies. Not a director constrained by genre or subject matter, he’s told stories about the colonial era in Nigeria, quirky romances or the intersection between the supernatural and the psychological.



For anyone interested in building a career in film, it’s never going to get easy to make it into the best film schools around the world, especially since most of them have crazy expensive tuition. Always open to sharing his process, Kunle Afolayan created a complete filmmaking masterclass, 10 episodes of pure education for aspiring film students and as a refresher for film professionals. All for free, on YouTube!
Every episode is loaded with valuable insights from Kunle’s career, dissecting his sophomore effort “The Figurine” from
Script development, location recce, Casting, hiring, funding, production, camera choice, role of director , production designer as well as the Business of film.

So let’s pull up a chair next and learn from a master!



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