Uche Chika Elumelu: the Process of an Actress

My first experience with Uche’s craft was in the written word. She’d worked on a lengthy profile of a fellow actor and I remember feeling, as I read, that I was touring the mind of a clear thinker. I can only imagine the quality of conversations that take place in her head as she becomes different people across varied platforms. It’s clear Uche is not simply looking to earn her pay and move on to the next set.  Every character she adorns is an interrogation with humanity.  Uche’s rise isn’t a “grass to grace” story. It’s the inevitability of an excellent mind given to the pursuit of more. Be it on stage, screen, or the closed circuit of a WhatsApp group, Uche’s genius, elocution, and wit shine through. Filmkaku had a chat with her about her craft and more. The conversation has been edited for publication purposes. Filmkaku: What inspired…